To be, or not to be


Initial design and production elements supplied by the generous world that created,,, and jQuery. Thanks also to Google, because there are easier ways to take over that world. ;)


Many thanks to my family for their unwavering patience. Thanks to my mentors Glen, Ron, Derek, Larry, Marg, Walter, Anne, and countless others. Thanks to my new friends at REAP, and I'm glad I passed the audition.

About Shakespeareoke

Shakespeareoke was created by Kirk Zurell. Kirk mixes arts and sciences, with achievements in web, mobile, and embedded computing, design, aesthetic performance, and leadership. Oh, and tango, lots of tango.

50 words

The globe is your theatre, the internet is your stage. Challenge, tease, laud, insult, and woo your friends, wherever they are, as Shakespeare's timeless heroes and villains. Rehearse at your own pace, and then perform using Shakespeareoke and your Google Plus account. To get started, sign in at stage door (

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The globe is your theatre, the internet is your stage, and social media is your company of performers. With Shakespeareoke, you rehearse and portray great roles of classic and modern theatre in a Google Hangout.

Shakespeareoke offers custom productions of plays within a voice-and-video networked web app. Actors advance the reading highlight at their own pace; the script syncs automatically for all participants. Theme music and sound effects, both automatic and cued by performers, add atmosphere to portrayals. Drag-and-drop casting lets outstanding artists gain fame in worldwide standings.

The perfect Benedick to your Beatrice, the perfect Fool to your Lear, the perfect Juliet and her Romeo are out there. Invite them once more unto the breach, any time of day. If what you really want to do is direct, cast your production and include yourself if it's the role you were meant to play.

Created by, Shakespeareoke brings the soul of english language theatre to worldwide participants and audiences, many wearing their pyjamas. An invitation-only season preview (beta rollout) starts at

Shakespeareoke requires a supported desktop browser (Chrome, Firefox, IE) and broadband internet connection. A microphone or headset are essential, a webcam is optional but suggested. Install the Google Talk plugin and create a Google Plus account when you begin using Shakespeareoke. Production purchases use Google Wallet; terms of service apply to purchases and use. Media quality varies depending on available bandwidth and system configuration.