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What is Shakespeareoke?

Karaoke for Shakespeare: participants read a scene or play together over a Google Hangout.

It's a fun and relaxed way to enjoy theatre with your friends from virtually anywhere.

How does it work?

Purchase a scene or script, and invite friends to share it through a hangout. If you select the script, your friends read it for free.

You assign the roles, with each friend or yourself playing one or more parts. Once your production is cast, you press a button to begin reading.

The actors read their lines, pressing a key to move the script. All participants' scripts move in unison, and each participant gets a reminder when it's their line.

What plays are available?

The playbill will change periodically. Check back at

Can I produce my own play on Shakespeareoke?

We're always interested in talking with artistic professionals. Introduce yourself to